Fairness and convergence of CSMA with Enhanced Collision Avoidance (ECA)

TitleFairness and convergence of CSMA with Enhanced Collision Avoidance (ECA)
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsJ. Barceló, A. López-Toledo, C. Cano, and M. Oliver
Conference NameIEEE ICC 2010 - Wireless and Mobile Networking Symposium
Date Published05/2010
Conference LocationCape Town, Southafrica

This paper presents CSMA/ECA, which combines
the efficiency of reservation-based protocols and the simplicity
of random access mechanisms. The maximum efficiency of
CSMA/CA with optimal parameter adjustment is easily exceeded
by CSMA/ECA, even when fixed parameters are used
by the latter. CSMA/ECA stations fairly coexist with legacy
CSMA/CA and increase the portion of time that is devoted to
successful transmissions while decreasing the number of collisions
and empty slots. The proposed mechanism initially behaves
as a CSMA/CA network, but it progressively converges to a
collision-free deterministic operation. The convergence process
can be modelled as a Markov Chain to assess the duration of
the transitory phase.