Open Cities

November 2010 - April 2013
Funding entity: 
EC - CIP Programme
ESADE (Coordinator)-Spain; City of Amsterdam Economic Affairs-Netherlands; Berlin Government Senate-Germany; Cap Digital-France; Barcelona City Hall–Barcelona Activa-Spain; Fraunhofer Fokus-Germany; Atos Origin-Spain; Dutch-Netherlands; Intitut Telecom-France; DotOpen-Spain; Tempos21-Spain; Forum Virium-Finland; Waag Society-Netherlands; Bearstech-France

Open Cities is a three-year European project with a €5.9M budget and the participation of several European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona. The aim is to explore open innovation methodologies in the public sector, particularly in smart cities, by experimenting with novel mechanisms in pan-European platforms around urban labs (living labs in cities), crowdsourcing, open data, fiber to the home and open sensor networks.

Albert Domingo
Javier Gonzalez
Manuel Palacin
Miquel Oliver