A P2P Architecture for Wireless Sensor Network's Collaborative Performance Optimization

Sougata Pal
Dr. Boris Bellalta, Dr. Miquel Oliver, Dr. Simon Oechsner

Interconnecting multiple sensor networks is a new kind of research idea which has emerged in the traditional Wireless Sensor Network domain. Wireless Sensor Networks were always been spatially distributed from one another, so there was never any kind of interconnection between them. Interconnecting these spatially distributed multiple heterogeneous sensor networks came up as a new research topic amongst all those traditional research ideas of routing, self organization, mac layer development. Till now some approaches has been proposed for interconnecting multiple sensor networks for different kinds of research goals like information sharing, monitoring multiple sensor networks or inter WSN communication. The research idea we are proposing here is related to inter WSN communication but with a complete new research goal which we believe still has not been investigated in an extensive manner namely, Collaborative Performance Optimization.

The benefit of this kind of mutual message exchanges will result in less energy consumption and better sensing quality. What we want to show here is that in such a complicated scenario where multiple heterogeneous wireless sensor networks are connected to each other via an Overlay and communicating between themselves they can also help each other to optimize their performances. The two performance indicators of interest here are the energy consumption on the one hand and sensing quality on the other.

In progress
Wireless Sensor Networks, Performance Optimization, P2P