Ph.D. students - Selection process OPEN until June, 18th, 2014

The NeTS research group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra is looking for students coming from renowned universities from around the world, with a very good grade record, who have an interest in mobile communications and/or the strategic aspects of information technology and networking (telecom policy & economics).

As we aim at employing a diversity of talent, we therefore welcome applicants who contribute to the variety within our team, especially concerning its gender structure.


We seek students with a strong background on communications networks or/and on engineering management, coming from electrical engineering, computer science or related fields. Paramount is a desire to learn and push the limits of current technology, as well as providing new insight into today's and tomorrow's networks and services. We also look for individuals with initiative and willing to take up responsibility in research as well as teaching. We offer the possibility of full-time employment in our group, subject to obtaining one of our University grants, as well as participation in the national and international research projects currently under development. Writing a Ph.D. thesis aims at advancing knowledge in a specialized area of science. If that is your goal, join us!


Some Available Topics:

 Wireless Technologies (sensor networks, WLANs, mesh networks)

        * MAC protocols for low-energy consumption WSNs

        * Energy-harvesting powered WSNs 

        * Very-High Throughput WLANs (802.11ac, 802.11ad)  

        * Protocols for Dynamic Spectrum Access in WSNs, WLANs and WMNs

        * Relay-based cooperative multihop networks

        * Mobility-aware MAC protocols for mobile and vehicular networks

        * P2P implications in mobile networks


 Technology and Society

        * EU/worlwide Regulatory policies for ICT deployment

        * Network neutrality

        * Open innovation and technology

        * Use and intention of adoption of services and applications


Contact Info:

Please, provide us with the following documents:

  1. Full CV
  2. Student record (as appropriate)
  3. Master thesis (a draft or your best paper are also accepted)
  4. And a research statement explaining the selected topic from the above list (around two pages)

per e-mail to: nets [dot] dticatupf [dot] edu (use "NeTS Ph.D. student recruiting" as subject), before June, 18th, 2014.

Please, bear in mind that those admission requests that do not follow this advice may be automatically discarded.

IMPORTANT: Before applying for these positions, please, read carefully the information provided in the following link on application dates and necessary steps:

Information, Communication and Audiovisual technologies PhD Studies

Please, also notice that being admitted to the Ph.D. programme does not guarantee a scholarship. The selection of the candidates for the scholarship assignment will be done separately among the students admitted at the program after their admission.